Change Leadership

Managing Change is important to get things done, but true transformational change requires leading change, by inspiring employees and stakeholders to believe in and support a bold and visionary new future. Change leaders must be relentless in articulating and guiding real-time, socially constructed change efforts, and build change platforms, rather than manage top-down change programs.

J.M. Stange Consulting + Associates works with you as Change Leaders and Managers to design and implement holistic, successful change efforts, using a proven, best-practice approach combined with established academic models:

1. We start at the Change Leader level to jointly outline the roadmap for successful system change and craft intelligent communication that is in line with the culture and goals of the organization.
2. We help identify and bring together Change Leaders, and assign clear roles and responsibilities and measurable outcomes to support the overall goal.
3. We divide the roadmap into actionable steps that involve the whole organization without overburdening employees. This could include townhalls, working groups, surveys, roadshows, pilots, innovation clinics, and other interventions that make the change process transparent, engaging, and closely linked to real business improvement.
4. We support the organization to be consistent in all its change efforts, including leadership, communication, systems and structure, and rewards and recognition.
5. Throughout the change process, we help keep an ear on the ground to identify and address potential resistance, maximize productive dialogue and feedback, and work with stakeholders on how the new findings will be incorporated into day-to-day business.

At the end of the change process, the goal is that our client will not only have transformed into a more effective organization, but created a new culture of collaboration and innovation that provides the best value to its clients, and the basis for a meaningful place to work. In a non-profit or Institutional environment, it means having long term and sustainable impact on the affected parts of society and/or constituency.