Testimonials and References

“…In the areas of leadership and organizational effectiveness….Jochen has an exceptional talent for providing structure, insights and direction,…and a lot of experience and knowledge to bring, with a passion that is readily apparent when you’re working with him.”
President, global Software company (2017)

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending several leadership workshops designed and facilitated by Jochen. He was not only prepared, organized and professional but also extremely knowledgable on how to guide my leadership team through the team building process. Working with a group of strong minded personalities can never be an easy task but his calm demeanour and vast experience helped us to identify our top priorities and agree on a realistic plan of action”
Director, PMO (2017)

“Over the last years, Jochen helped to translate management’s long term change proposals into reality by probing the assumptions and challenging hypotheses to make sure the vision held up. In carrying out his work, he exhibited strong Organizational skills, excellent knowledge of Change Management and Collective Leadership and the ability to gain people’s trust. It was a pleasure working with him.”
Senior Advisor (2016)

“…I am grateful for Jochen’s support and advice both at the strategic and operational level to help me and my management team lead and implement a significant change initiative over two+ years. I appreciate his hands-on and results-focused approach in the areas of change management and team/leadership development.”
VP, International Development Finance Institution (2016)


“… It is amazing to look back on the [summit] experience. Your analogy of structural tension was made crystal-clear at the end of the summit.
I speak for our entire team when I say that we are grateful for your facilitation and guidance in our development of [our] initiative. You masterfully helped us establish a concrete path forward that–if successful–will lead to enormous positive impact. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and we have you to thank. Thank you for everything!
Account Executive (2015)


“The week-long strategy workshop that Jochen designed and moderated for some 250+ professionals from across the globe brought a new sense of direction, awareness of opportunities, and personal and professional connections to the entire group. We all benefited from his meticulous planning, and his choreography of small- and large group events. Thank you.”
VP, Strategy and Operations (2015)

“Jochen is a true professional who puts the interest of the organization and clients ahead of his personal return. He really wants impact, and cares for people”
Global Business Practice Manager (2012)

“Jochen was instrumental in supporting me and my senior management team in a multi-year and complex change management initiative. His management and organization of the change resulted in far-reaching impact. His solid change management expertise, his ability to work effectively across hierarchies and cultures, and his help in developing my leadership team, were highlights of his support. Importantly, Jochen is the epitome of what a it means to be a “colleague”!
VP, Finance and Private Sector Development (2013)

“Thanks for your excellent coordination of our GP event! You masterfully helped bring this together despite minimal time. Your attention to detail and planning definitely made this event flow smoothly. We are delighted with the outcomes—and looking forward to next steps”
Manager, Global Practice (2014)

“Mr. Stange quickly grasped the circumstances we were facing in preparation for our strategy meeting among staff. He shepherded us thoroughly in preparation for the meeting and facilitated the meeting superbly, by letting all the participants fully engaged in discussions and managing and closing the meetings with action items with responsible person(s) in charge of them. We are now following up these items diligently. We recommend Jochen’s expertise highly to anybody who is in need of support for strategy execution and facilitating meetings with complex issues and goals. ”
Executive Director, Global Partnership Fund (2014)

“Jochen is one of the best professional to work in his craft: well pllanned and super organized. Our Administration Professional retreat was very successful due to his well-thought, careful attention to the program design and execution. I strongly recommend him to other organizations as one of the best facilitators and experts on change management process.”
Manager, Administration and Client Support (2013)

“I had the pleasure of working with Jochen on two different strategy workshops that he had designed and moderated. Both retreats were about restructuring our organization and bringing multicultural teams together. In both cases I found Jochen to be an efficient and astute moderator, with the right level of soft skills. His listening skills were excellent and yet he was decisive enough to bring endless discussions to a close when needed.”
Chief Technical Specialist and Global Head (2013)

“I am proud to have had the privilege to work with you all on such a challenging assignment and completing it in such an extraordinarily successful manner.”
Global Team Lead (2014)