Large-scale event and workshop design and facilitation


The objectives of large-scale workshops and conferences often include the launch of a global or regional initiative, to bring people together to innovate and/or share knowledge, to kick off the implementation of a new strategy, or bring diverse stakeholders together to solve complex problems and galvanize around a common set of goals and actions.

We work closely with clients and applies its long experience with global business workshops and other professional events to ensure that the key ingredients for a successful event are in place:

• A clear business case for the event
• Full ownership among all stakeholders
• Effective marketing
• High degree of relevance with presenters and audience/participants
• Sufficient resources for a lasting impact and impression
• Due diligence and attention to details in the preparation and delivery phase
• Highest quality in content, presenters, material and overall experience
• Professional facilitation and moderation
• Innovative approach and delivery
• Detailed follow-up