Leadership Development and Coaching

graphic_leadership1Our approach

We combine the latest academic thinking on effective leadership with practical application and coaching to help leaders learn and develop within the scope of their organizational challenges. Successful leadership development means that leaders develop a shared purpose and new perspectives, and are able to reflect on how their thinking shapes their leadership style and action, and ultimately the culture of the organization. According to a recent global study*), four out of twenty leadership behaviours account for almost 90 percent of the variance between strong and weak organizations in terms of leadership effectiveness: 1) Being supportive; 2) Strong results orientation; 3) Seeking different perspectives; 4) Solve problems effectively.

Our approach involves working with leaders at all levels of the hierarchy to strengthen their leadership effectiveness. Everyone can be a leader within their peer group, irrespective of their title or rank, and leveraging such potential is key for the success of an organization.

In addition, we help leaders with tailored coaching sessions to address individual challenges in order to develop or enhance their capabilities to deliver sustained outcomes.

*) McKinsey 2015: Decoding Leadership – What really matters