Strategy Development and Execution


Today’s effective organizations are starting to transform the traditional, once-every-three-years strategy review process into ongoing,  collective leadership conversations, reviewing and adjusting their strategy and resource allocations, and taking into account up-to-date data from clients, stakeholders and employees.

We help ask the right questions in the strategy conversations.
e.g. Is everyone in your organization: 

– Aware and behind the rational and benefits of the strategy?
– Clear about the primary client expectations?
– Creating and living the core values that support the needed culture?
– Knowledgeable about the risks involved and mitigating them?
– Tracking and rewarding the right performance?
– Equipped to deliver, in terms of skills and expertise?
– Realistic about its implementation approach?
– Mindful of potential hidden agendas and politics?

– Innovative and able to foster creative tension?
– Transparent in the success or failure of the implementation?
– Empowering and authorizing the right people to be able to deliver?

Our approach is hands-on and involves all levels of the client organization, ensuring that the strategy and its execution, which is often associated with a change process, is fully understood and supported by those who are ultimately in charge of putting it in place. We help our clients to align all the technical elements of the WHAT, with the process and  cultural and behavioural elements of the HOW.