What We Do

In today’s fast-pace world, having the right strategy and yet be flexible in its execution can be the deciding factor over business success or failure. Designing and implementing a successful strategy is not just about the WHAT, but also about the HOW. While many of the global consultancies focus largely on the WHAT, we zoom in on the HOW, and help clients translate its high level strategic goals into actionable, realistic and timely outcomes.

The secret  of successful Change Leadership in an organization is to motivate people to authentically behave and act differently, and in support of the overall business goals. That is not a small challenge, because change is often associated with loss, insecurities, and personal risks. About two thirds of all change efforts fail (as per studies by J. Kotter in 1995 and McKinsey in 2008/2018), and in order to be successful, leaders must reach their employees emotionally and help them believe in and support the change efforts towards a bold and visionary future — at least enough to give it a try.

Today’s leaders must have a vision for the future of the organization and be able to communicate, lead, support and decide effectively, all within the context of a constantly changing world of growing complexity. The old model of command and control management is no longer effective. Leaders have to adapt to new situations and challenges all the time and be able to learn and innovate, and change the underlying thinking in order to solve a problem.

The objectives of large-scale events/workshops often include the launch of a global or regional initiative, to bring people together to innovate and/or share knowledge, to kick off the implementation of a new strategy, or bring diverse stakeholders together to solve complex problems and galvanize around a common set of goals and actions. A successful event supports the overall business goals, achieves measurable outcomes, and leaves a lasting and positive impression on participants.